Day 5

24/03/20 20:16 Total World Wide Coronavirus deaths: 18,572 I didn’t cry today (yet)

Day 4

23/03/20 20:51 Total World Wide Coronavirus deaths: 16,350 The UK Prime Minister has this evening announced a countrywide lockdown with people only allowed to leave their homes for limited purposes like shopping for basic food & medicine, exercising with members of your household or to go to work if you absolutely cannot work from home. […]

Day 3

22/03/20 18:50 Total World Wide Coronavirus deaths: 14,573 Today was Mothering Sunday in the UK. Despite the Prime Ministers warning the people still gathered. They went to the beach or for walks thinking this was adequate ‘social distancing’. They are wrong. Italy are telling the UK, don’t be foolish, just stay home, it’s the only […]

Day 2

21/03/20 19:22 Total World Wide Coronavirus deaths to date: 12,957 Today we went for a walk, naively thinking this was fine, this was following the rules. Unfortunately so did every other resident within a 3 mile radius. Italy has responded to the recent news that the UK has shut pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants by […]

Day 1

20/03/20 18:47 Total World Wide Coronavirus deaths to date: 11,266 It’s not the beginning. Not with number like that. But today, in the United Kingdom, our Prime Minister announced measures to slow the spread of Corona Virus. Drastic measures that will impact our country, our world and our children for decades. I wept.

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